Organize365 User Feedback

Below are some of the comments which we have received from our users…

“I just have to say that you guys blow me away. This is one fine bit of work.”
-Joe Ryan, USA

“StrategyOnline’s Organize365 is a must have product!”
-ClarionShop Newsletter, USA

“The program is beautiful!”
-Dave Schwartz, Nevada, USA

“WOW! This is the best PIM written in Clarion that I have seen!  Great work!”
-Mark Brown, Texas, USA

“I must say I am really impressed over what you have done here. Great!”
-Trond Eirik Paulsen, Norway

“I was lost without Organize365 for a day.”
-Foden Saunders, South Africa

“I am Loving it!!! Seriously cool, I have completely transferred my life onto it. Organize365 has halved my paperwork, and by bringing all my tasks into a logical and easily readable order has made my day more streamlined and focused. The ease of backing up my ToDo list means I don’t have to worry about hardware failure either.”
-Greg Cameron, South Africa

“Organize is getting better and better… Nice bit of design.”
-Mike Kullenberg, South Africa

“Great product!! Just what I need, and Gary is open to suggestions. I really love Organize365.”
-Soeren Kartin, Denmark

“Very nice program.”
-Bob Robesky, California, USA

“We have been looking at your wonderful product – great job!”
-Bjarne Allerup, Denmark

“Excellent! Looks very good.”
-Nardus Swanevelder, South Africa

“A really excellent PIM.”
-Simon Burrows, England

“This is a great product. Very useful indeed.”
-Graham Dean, South Africa

“It is very good!!!”
-Barbosa, Brazil

“You are right be proud about the replication engine. It will solve or prevent a lot of problems with important data. Also it will enable seamless cooperation of PC’s / laptops which are only on the network occasionally.”
-Peter van Dobben de Bruijn, The Netherlands

“Great program!”
-Michael Tyndall, Australia

“Awesome calendar! I’m really impressed.”
-Jim Albrecht, South Africa

“Your calendar control is awesome!”
-Jim Albrech, USA

“Great software!”
-Rohan Dunstan, Australia

“I keep track of my students and teaching schedule using Organize365 – I love the groupings for class sections!”
-Glen, USA

“My first reaction to Organize365 was ‘WOW, my customers would love this program’. O365 has a great looking user interface, numerous cool features and best of all I can send data from my program to O365! O365 will help me close more sales. Thanks Gary!”
-Ed Schneider, New York, USA

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