How do I download Vodacom statements?

To download statements from Vodacom, login to, then proceed as follows.
Alternatively, click here to find out about our Statement Automation service, whereby we will take care of this step on your behalf!
Click on "My Accounts" (see picture below), then "Account Info", then "Reports", then select "Invoice Itemised Details", then select the month which you would like to download from the indicated droplist, then click the “Run Report” button.
A new page will then load, showing your statement. You may need to login to Vodacom again before you see this page though.
At the top of this page, click the "Download" button, as follows:
Another page will now appear, as shown below. Make sure to select "PDF", then "Current Page", then click the "Save Report" button.
You will then be asked where you want to save your statement to. Be sure to select "My Documents\My Phone Statements\Vodacom". Feel free to change the name of the statement to anything that you like so as to not overwrite an existing statement.